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Setup: The photobooth is usually set up in a designated area of the event venue. It consists of a backdrop or curtain, props, and a printer or digital display for instant photo viewing. We require at least a 10x10 room or space for our photobooths. Photo Options: Guests have various options to choose from before taking their photos. They can select different props, such as hats, masks, funny glasses, or signs, to add a playful and creative touch to their pictures. Some photobooths also offer customizable digital backgrounds or filters that can be applied to the images.


Taking Photos: Once the guests are ready, they step on or in front of the photobooth to begin the experience. They can strike poses, make funny faces, or create unique compositions with their friends or event attendees. Most photobooths have screens inside, allowing participants to see themselves while taking the photos. Printing and Digital Options: After the photos are taken, the guests have the option to receive physical prints of their pictures. The prints are usually produced within seconds and handed to the guests. Additionally, many photobooths offer digital copies of the images, which can be instantly shared via email, text message, or on social media platforms. Some photobooths even have dedicated stations where guests can view and download their digital photos.


Guest Interaction: The photobooth experience often becomes a focal point of entertainment and socializing. Guests gather around the booth, waiting for their turn, and cheer each other on during the photo-taking process. This creates a lively and engaging atmosphere, encouraging interaction and connection among event attendees.

Memories and Keepsakes: The photobooth serves as a keepsake generator, providing guests with tangible memories from the event. The printed photos can be taken home and displayed or placed in scrapbooks as mementos. The digital copies allow guests to revisit the event, reminisce, and share their experiences with others even after the event is over. Overall, an event with a photobooth adds an element of excitement, entertainment, and personalized fun. It enhances the social experience, encourages creativity, and leaves guests with tangible memories of the occasion.

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